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  • Gypsum Products

    Gypsum Boards

    Vast range of gypsum boards in various sizes and thicknesses to meet all kinds of drywall application requirements. RG (Regular) board for standard applications, MR (Moisture Resistant) board for humid areas, FR ( Fire Resistant) board for fire protection, FM (Fire and Moisture Resistant) board for fire protection in humid areas.

    Gypsum Joint Compounds

    Various joint compound options are available for joint treatment and smooth surface finishing.

    Boral Premix

    Boral Premix is a lightweight, premixed, vinyl-based, air drying compound used for finishing plasterboard joints, angles and fastener heads. Boral Premix can be used as a three-coat application or just as a finishing coat over your choice of  Boral base compounds.

    Gypsum Joint Tape

    Joint Tape is designed for use with ready mix or setting-tape joint compounds and gypsum veneer plaster systems to conceal and reinforce joints of interior walls and ceilings.

    Metal Corner Tape

    Metal Corner Tape is a high quality paper joint tape strengthened with two corrosion-resistant galvanized steel strips for the finishing of internal and external angles in drywall construction.

    Drywall Tools

    Full set of sophisticated drywall tools which increase the efficiency and quality of drywall applications

    Access Panels

    Various types of access panels with sizes from 200 x 200mm up to 1200 x 1200mm. Many choices from moisture resistant, fire resistant and perforated acoustic alternatives for flexible designs

    Product Features

    • Strong aluminium frame and hardware
    • 12.5mm moisture-resistant gypsum board inlay
    • Standard sizes shipped from stock
    • Concealed touch latch standard on all doors
    • Removable foor panel, with safety cables
    • Mounting screws enclose


    Inner (m/m) Outer (m/m)
    200 x 200 350 x 350
    300 x 300 450 x 450
    400 x 400 550 x 550
    450 x 450 600 x 600
    500 x 500 650 x 650
    600 x 600 750 x 750
    600 x 1200 750 x 1350

    Furring Ceiling System

    Furring channel

    Gypframe MF5 Section are used for providing a seamless false ceiling. The sections are manufactured using the patented UltraSteelTM process giving a rigidised surface for additional strength and improved fixing.

    main channel

    Retaining Channels are used for the high performance ShaftWall system to create lift shaft and service riser linings that can be constructed from one side and provide structural and fire protection applications.

    G.I. Angle

    GA1 Angles are widely used in framed construction to provide support, fixing and additional strength to wall ceiling and encasement framing.

    Dry wall partition system


    Gyprframe ‘C’ Studs provides vertical support in wall framing. Manufactured using patented UltraSteel technology giving a rigidised surface for better screw holding and additional tensile strength. Service cut-outs are also place along the spine of Gypframe ‘C’ Studs providing easy routing of service through the partition.


    Gypframe Channels are used for partition heights of up to 4200mm and are manufactured using the patented UltraSteel process giving a rigidised surface for better screw holding and increased tensile strength.

    Calcium silicate board & tiles / cement fiber board


    Thickness: 6mm 9mm 12mm

    Board Size: 1200 x 2400mm (Metric), 1220 x 2440mm (Imperial)

    Aluminium ceiling tiles

    Material: Aluminum Galvanized Steel

    Color: RAL 9003 or Ral 9010

    Available Size: 300 x 600mm, 600 x 600mm, 600 x 1200mm

    Popular Thickness: 0.6mm / 0.7mm & 0.8mm

    Type: Lay-in and Clip-inn.


    Vinyl Gypsum Ceiling Tiles

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    For Metric Grids: 600 x 600 mm (Tiles actual size: 593 x 593mm)