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    High Pressure Laminated Sheets

    Color as an important aspect of artistry and psychology has been well documented through the years, but the science of getting just the right hue can still be a tricky art. Attempts to understand color […]

    Color and Contrast in the Built Environment

    Because color is incredibly subjective, personal and situational, it is difficult to study scientifically. There is no conclusive evidence to fully support one color’s beneficial effects on the human mind and body over another color. […]

    Campus Branding With Color

    Just as it is an instrumental part of design for the K-12 sector, color plays a significant role in the branding of college campuses. Building Teams also employ strategic uses of color for wayfinding and in […]

    Tracing Color Trends and the Paint Industry Through the Years

    Paint has existed for some 30,000 years, stretching back to the age of Neanderthals, who relied on minerals and other natural sources to spice up their cave dwellings. Fast-forward to today’s industrialized society, and durable […]

    Innovations Pave the Way for High-Performing Metallic Coatings

    Innovations in the paint industry over the years mean that today’s architects have infinite options for choosing the right colors and finishes for their projects. At Valspar Coil and Extrusion Coating (becoming Sherwin-Williams Coil Coating), […]